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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 6, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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and that was plenty. and we still managed to get a lot of use out of that pool table. ♪ dance hall days -- captions by vitac -- anybody dying on the street or s horrible new. at least three deaths being blamed on the bitter cold. what's being done tonight to help people stay warm. and the activities picking up on live live storm tracker 2 radar. coming up, the timing of the heaviest rain and where is snow is falling now. and freedom for one bay area man who's been detained in north korea for weeks. an elderly bay area man is now out of the country.
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good evening. we learned 85-year-old from palo alto who has been held from in north korea is now released. it says newman entered the country to contact spice and terrorists whom he -- spies and terrorists whom he supposedly trained during the korean war. one week ago a video of newman reading an apology sparked hope he would be released. here at home shaping up as another dangerously cold night but l now with moisture in the -- but now with moisture in the mix. snow already falling in some parts of north bay. with snow stick to the ground, street sleep -- sweepers were brought out to clear the snow. and in some cases the snow
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proved deadly. what health experts are saying about the deaths and when people are doing to keep the homeless safe. >> reporter: aned out blankets sudden -- and supplies here. other homeless people there were sad about the death and worried about themselves. >> it scares me because i'm going through the same cold. very freezey at night. i can't sleep. >> reporter: today the medical medical examiner says three men chid of conditions. no names releaseed. ehc expanded its three shelters to accommodate hundreds of extra beds. >> in this communities where we have so much wealth and innovation and all of this stuff, we had several people lose their lyes simply because it was too cold. -- their lives and simply
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because it was too cold. >> reporter: officials say a fourth man described as homeless died in a garage last week. >> we're trying to do anything we can to get them inside. >> it's just hard. it's hard day-to-day living is hard. >> reporter: emergency workers say they plan to be out again throughout the weekend because of the expected rainy weather which they say will only make conditions more dangerous. in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. bay area chill did not stop some people from trying to enjoy the outdoors. ran into hikers that braved the cold. the annual north face endurance challenge. a 50-mile foot vase scheduled there tomorrow. rain, snow, or shine. >> training a little bit of cold. not quite this cold for this long but as long as it doesn't rain like last year. s. >> it is snowing tup in napa
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county -- up in napa county. rangers is a if the snow happens roads will likely be closed so don't try to drive up the mountain to see it. and we have been watching more rainfall and even the snow coverage pick up on live storm tracker 2 radar. this is the loop over the past three hours. notice that snowfall approaching the northern parts of nap and approaching lei county as well. here's a closer inspection. you'll notice a little bit activity here. reports of snow there the current temperature of the summit of 29 degrees. so more observation enormous rainfall now you can see picking up. that's the overall trend. right around hayward and up in the north bay, more development here. some increasing rainfall rates reported for this region. coming up in 15 minutes a
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winter weather advisory for the hills, we'll break down the times and also a freeze warning reissued for part of the weekend. ville more on that in 15 minutes. getting ready for some snow tonight as that has them sending out extra crews. worried about snow like last year. residents were busy stock up the local hardware store buying everything from oil lamps to shovels. police reminding drivers slow down and be cautious of slick roads and black ice. it was a very cold, dark morning for many people in bennesha were 3600 customers woke up with out power. classes were in session in the middle school where students had to bundle up. one family we talked with trayed to stay warm huddled by the fire. >> tried go to the bathroom in the dark. talk about stumbling around. >> tonight some 140 customers
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still without power. but they chef their lights back on by 10:00 p.m. a problem with the underground cable appears tonight cause. you can go to for weather updates on the wet weather. just scroll down to the storm tracker 2 for the latest image. it's been 9 months since the golden get a bridge switch dg -- gate bridge switched to all electric toll place. >> reporter: one of the biggest problems is just the number of sheer problems that have turned out to be harder to solve than expected. the switch to all electronic tolling on the golden gate bridge is having an unintended consequence. >> reporter: after 28 full-time toll takers lost their jobs in march, 25 customer service reps had to be hired to field phone
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call there is confused customers. the overwhelming number of calls and website visits also required system upgrades. >> people call and wonder why they got in thing in the mail. wonder where y it say is -- why it says violation. but because people throw their mail away so this is the fourth time we have sent them. >> reporter: the golden ga it te bridge district claim the move is already saving money. >> we're saving money that was the goal of the program. so yes, there's been some confusion but it's not mass hysteria. >> reporter: to be clear mtc paid for most of the fixes veered far. so while one agency saved money the other paid the price. >> only the golden gate bridge cans than question. >> reporter: and tells me there
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is an upside. fast track membership jumped to 85% after the switch. so that could help deliver on the promise of cost sayings. the only question is when. reporting live, ktvu channel # news. happening now, families and friends holding a vigil for a father of two who was gunned down one week ago in his apartment. say he possibly interrupted a robbery. his girlfriend hoping someone will give police a tip that will lead to the killer. >> if we can get the littlest piece of, this he did not deserve this to happen. >> anderson their two daughters are heart broken. he'll meanwhile police are going over video from the area. and new information -- arrested a man suspected of
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drowning two cats that belonged to a homeless woman. say he was arrested of the drum street police say the suspect approached the victim on pier street. through her belongs into the bay. including her two cats. patterson face two counts of felon animal cruelty. a hotel security guard being credit for catching a want that area ended a police officer patrol car. police say a driver of a cadillac was driving fast when he smashed into the police car. the cadillac driver tried to run away. but that's when a security guard took action, holding the man until police arrived. the general manager said he is proud of his employees. >> not surprised they would not think about themselves good and out and doing the right thing. it would be automatic for these folks. >> reporter:. >> the offer had moderate injuries. u.s. unemployment rate now final a 5 year low.
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the employers -- add the 2300 jobs last month. the report says many of the job gains are in higher paying industry such as manufacturing and construction. and snapped five session losing streak on wall street. a low income neighborhood san francisco today celebrated what many take for granted. a preschool. at bayview ymca finished its first week. a child must be in a low income family with a parent work organize in school. right now 16 students but the school plans to add eight more slots next week. >> it's hard to find space. it's expensive to run but we are committed to expanding services. >> other than a head start
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preschool this is the only licensed preschool in the bayview. according to the children down ill 450 children are on the waiting list. south africa plans ten days of national mourning for nelson -- melson mandel -- nelson mandela. a memorial service scheduled for tuesday. he is to be buried next sunday in his rural hometown. president and mrs. obama planning to go to south africa but the exact arrangements not complete. and police say the park was a scene of a gang rape. and what the victims say is led up to the attack. >> a big game raises bin big concerns for fans on both sides. what's being done to make sure things won't get out of hand.
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and we're still watching more activity on live storm tracker two radar. coming up we'll track the rain and let you know when freeze warnings are reissued for parts of region.
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take a look at what 50-mile an hour winds can do to a plane as it tries to land. it got blown sideways. the boeing 777 was attempting toland at the airport after a long right in from dubai. after a second attempt, the pilot diverted to london. passengers were able to watch on the monitors. some got sick. one man tweeted, never flying again. three high school boys in custody after what police say was a gang relationship rap of
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-- rape. the alleged victims knew the suspects. >> the area of wildcat yapon is a chi yet place. but the peace was shattered for two teenage girls. >> they suffer and traumatic incident. and these young ladies are very strong and they're doing everything they can to recover. >> investigators say the girls, ages 14 and 17 were here with three boys and the group was drinking alcohol. at some point the girls passed out. >> what they woke up they realized they had been assaulted. >> reporter: police arrested the boys on wednesday but gave few i did tails expect their anales. -- their ages. >> i learned from other police sources that one of the boys attends rich monday's kennedy high school. the other two are students at
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goppes continuation high school. >> we will have young girls come up to us and share with us this is a situation happened to them. >> reporter: drew comparisons to the 2009 gang relationship relationship -- rape. >> it is not okay to take advantage of somebody who is not in a position to think clearly for themselves and no means no. >> reporter: police say they're waiting for toxicology reports to see any drugs were used. it's unclear if the boys will be charged as adults but we will follow the case into the courtroom. environmental groups are threatening to suit obama ad -- sue the obama administration. in the past energy companies could only get a five year
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permit. the national society blasted the change. a recent study found that wind turbines kill nearly one and half million bats and birds each year including eagles. and the national park discovered 55 wheals on in shallow water or beached. nine of the wails are con -- whales are confirmed moving into deeper water. and design ised to help customers -- designed to help customers navigate their stores. users whether receive targeted messages on their phones bassed on where they are in the store. customers will have to download the app and enable their blue tooth to get the messages. just a huge for huge game for the 49ers this weekend as they host the seattle seahawks. lots oflots of sea fans making
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the trek to the candlestick. >> reporter: for football fans it may be the hottest game of the season. the battle saturday even has -- australias gearing up. sea supporters talking about their safety in wake of big brawls there previously. >> i didn't get -- quite a few e-mails per day saying my e- mail is going to the game should he wear his jersey? am i going to be safe? >> reporter: the 49ers have put together a home field manuals instructing their fans how to
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cheer and dress the part. >> reporter: and the goal is to keep fans cool. >> you don't want to spend the game that you spent a lot of money on a ticket in you one of our substation or jail. >> reporter: chief won't say how many undercover officers will be at game but the seahawks 12 man fan base expected to be very visible and very vocal. ktvu, 2 news. and trend in competition going our sister nation seattle to who can get more likes on facebook. show your support and you can share our new 49ers badge. the us soccer team suddenly face an up hill battle. the u.s. landed in the toughest group. the three nation, the u.s. will face are germany, portugal and recent world cup nemesis who
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the u.s. has too in the past two world cups. back here in the bay area when it comes to sunday's big niners game the best seat in the house, is on the couch, cuddled up. >> it'll be very cold out there. as we do head into is sunday. but no rain drop, no snow flakes to worry about. but tonight that'll be a different story as the system marchs into northern california, cold enough we do have this winter weather advisory. the east bay hills, up until 10:00 saturday morning. this just recently add the for the north bay hills until 6:00 tomorrow morning. above 1500 feet. those other two locations above 2500 feet. the you can see the reason why on live storm tracker 2 and the activity here on the radar. you'll notice -- i'll point it out for you. a liberty of snowfall reported at the top of mount hamilton and still some coverage on the increase here. we'll move the maps around. we'll show you this. the activity, especially the
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yellowsened indicating an increasing rainfall rates and up in the north, santa rosa and right around the fairfield areas. some heavier downpour here. we could have some thunderstorms adds well. current temperatures are in the out there. tonight, not as cold. and as a result no freeze warning to talk about for tomorrow. the storm moving in, a bit of a breeze tomorrow. and our forecast headline, least for tonight in the short term we'll have the more rain picking up and gusty winds. dropping snow levels as well across the region. so in general, 20250 feet. could be down to about a thousand. basically the short term. you get the idea with the layout here. 1800 feet, up to nearly 4000 feet for mount hamilton. overnight lows will be start ising out the day in the 30s to the. no freeze warning for tomorrow. here is our forecast model showing you this. the heaviest rain, that'll be between now and midnight and
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tomorrow morning there's the chance of a but clearing skies into the afternoon hours a and with the clearing skies is very cold out there. here's our forecast. the rainfall spreading to the south and then into the weekend a dry weather forecast but a sun cloud mix. there's that freeze warning issued most of bay area expect for san francisco. forecast highs for tomorrow showing you some 0s. warmest locations -- 40s. warmest locations around 50 degrees. and candlestick park, temperatures upper 40s. sunday morning, very cold. monday morning, very cold. we gradually warm up by tuesday. winter's icy grip extended through the nation's midsection as far south as texas. an estimate to do thousand homes and businesses without power. the weather may affect christmas for some ups and fedex. announced she was delays are
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holiday train is getting
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ready to leave station. we got a sneak peak this mornings. holiday train is december decorated with 60,000 lights. the salvation army will be there to collect toys for bay area children. the train begins its journey in san francisco at 4:00 on saturday and sunday. and the guitar missouri say changed music sold for a million dollars at auction. $965,000. dillon's move from foaling muse tick rock and roll is defined as as -- seen as a defining moment. and people were lining up for a chance to win the $297 million mega millions jackpot. the biggest mega millions prize since madge of last year. the jackpot rose after no one
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